Program Costs

Program Costs

Clinically Proven Prescription Appetite Suppressant

The North Texas Clinical Weight Loss Program utilizes an appetite suppressant medication as a willpower tool to help patients with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of at least 27 or above to achieve their weight loss goals with the objective being to not only help lose the weight, but to keep it off for the long term. Our proven approach to losing weight incorporates honest, sensible dietary & nutritional counseling together with practical, “real life” tips and information that have worked for us, personally, as well as our patients. Qualifying patients* will receive a prescription for a 30 day supply of Phentermine, which can be filled at any pharmacy.

With our free prescription discount card, a 30 day supply of the medication usually costs around $25.

Weight loss patients are encouraged to weigh in weekly, and if desired, can receive B-12 shots weekly.

Initial visit cost is $200.00 (excludes medication).

Weekly weigh-in’s are free & B-12 shots cost $10.

There are no hidden costs or long term obligations; however, in order to obtain a refill of the medication, a follow up medical evaluation visit is necessary. A vitamin B-12 injection is included with the follow up at no extra cost.

Follow up visits for prescription refills are $125.00.

Until the desired weight goal is reached, patients may take the medication for three months consecutively and then must take a one month break before starting the three month cycle anew. During the month off, patients may continue to weigh-in weekly and receive weekly B-12 injections.

*Disqualifying conditions are listed in the New Patient Forms.

Convenient and Affordable

Our medically supervised weight loss program is straightforward and simple to follow. We don't use gimmicks or expensive prepared meals that you have to purchase from us. Our dietary guidelines allow you to plan your own healthy and nutritional meals from your choice of delicious foods that can be purchased at your local grocery store.

Many of our successful patients have told us that besides the satisfaction of losing weight, another great benefit of eating less, and usually eating out less as well, is the money they have saved! It's a fact that the North Texas Clinical Weight Loss Program can actually pay for itself!

So what are you "weighting" for? Now is the time! Call today!

Our Services Include:

  • Medical Weight Loss Consultation
  • Prescription for Appetite Suppressant*
  • Vitamin B-12 Injections
  • Nutritional & Dietary Information & Counseling
  • Lots of Support & Encouragement!

*with BMI of 27 or higher

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